Guardians of the White Tree is a social kinship, focused on fun and helping members to complete activities that are important to them. We are frequently organizing runs and raids but this is not a mandatory activity.


How to join the Kinship and become a Recruit

- Must be recommended by a Member, Officer, or the Kin Leader. It is strongly recommended that you register with the website and claim your characters.


How to get a promotion to Kinsmen / Member

- Must be recommended by at least two (2) Members or Officers (any combination) that you are active in the kinship.

- Must have audio capability (speakers).

- Must have read this Kinship charter.


How to get a promotion to Provost / Officer

- Must be recommended to Malene and Spookfast by several of the Kinship Officers.

- Must have audio capability (speakers). Voice is preferred but not necessary.

- Must have shown genuine interest in the Kinship activities, such as participating in Kinship events or making significant contributions to the Kinship website (Blog / Gallery).

- Must be willing to help within everyday Kinship activities and duties.

- Must have a 1 on 1 talk with the Kin Leader to obtain final approval.



Kin Expectations:
- Respect your fellow Kinsmen.  We do not discriminate against race, sex, religion, origin, age, or sexual orientation.
- Joke as much as you like (it is encouraged), but do so without insulting or threatening others.
- If in dire need, one can ask for money, materials, or gear, but we don't trick others out of these items, nor do we excessively ask for donations of these items without giving something in return. For example, provide the materials to whomever is crafting an item for you.
- Help to complete quests or deeds can be requested; however, we do not ask for help without helping in return, nor do we leave a group before all the Members have been able to finish their objectives (even if our own has been met).
- Kin house chests are open to all Kin Members. We encourage Members to check the chests for items to help them. These items are intended for use by Kin Members. If you remove something, please replace with something of equal value. 

- Inactivity above 180 days unless a request for a leave of absence is sent to Malene or Spookfast may result in a demotion to Recruit status. Inactivity for 360 days may result in an expulsion.

- In-game expectations also apply to posting on the Kinship website.

-Violation of these expectations may result in a Demotion or Expulsion from the Kinship.


 I hope you find a place here that you can call your Middle Earth home. I have never had the pleasure of playing with a finer group of people than those in GotWT!


Long Live the White Tree!


~ Malene, Kin Leader